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Since I am new at longarming you benefit...
wait time won't be as long as most. 
I have the INNOVA AUTO PILOT creativity with an AutoPilot™ Computerized Quilting System. Edge to Edge quilting or use the many available tools to create a truly original masterpiece.
PRICING: I CHARGE BY THE SQUARE INCH. TO FIND THE PRICE FOR THE QUILTING, measure your quilt's length and width inches and follow this model:
length x width x rate
example: 90 x 70 x .02 cent = $126.00
.015 cent /Sq in simple patterns min. $40
.017 cent/Sq in for the not simple not detailed 
.02 cent /Sq in more detailed designs min. $50.
.03 cent /Sq in for custom quilting. min. $80.
Labels made for $25.00 only if I have quilted your top.
additional fees, if I have to add to your backing because it wasn't long enough. I will be adding on $25. It pays you to make sure. 
please look at these websites, to get an idea of what you may like on your quilt. If I don't already have it I will purchase it.
If you would like to choose a pattern there are several websites with suitable designs. Please look for B2B, edge to edge type designs. Innova or (pat) only. 

As I further my education, I will be adding more and more to my business.
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